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      Combined Auditions

      Audition for  The Cadets and Cadets2 at the same time at Audition Camp #1 and Audition Camp #3!
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      Video Auditions

      Can't make it to a camp? We still want you to be considered for The Cadets and Cadets2 with a Video Audition.
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      Audition Packets

      Prepare for your audition: download this year's audition packets for the section(s) you're interested in.

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    FREE Registration

    Sign up for camps early and save even more!

    Attend as many camps as you can (only one is required, but the more you attend, the better we get to know you and the more ready you’ll be.)
    All camps: Signup by November 1: $150; Signup after November 1 but before November 27: $175; Signup after November 27: $190


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Camp Schedule

Come to as many camps as you want — we encourage it! Everyone will be invited back to the next camp so you can be confident in signing up for more than one event.

We highly recommend starting out at MetLife Stadium. This is a once in a lifetime experience!

If you have questions, contact .

How much does it cost?

Registration is free and camp fees are $150, but hurry! After November 1, it will increase to $175 and then to $190 on November 28.

Registering for the first time

So you're ready to start? Awesome! Your first step is the FREE registration. CLICK HERE

I want to sign up for more camps

If you've already registered and want to sign up for more camps, this is you. We want you to come to as many camps as possible!
Sign in to your YEA! Account (at the bottom of this page) and then click "Dashboard". 


Audition Camps


Audition Camp #1  The Cadets Cadets2 All Sections

November 11-12
MetLife Stadium

Audition Camp #2  The Cadets All Sections

November 18-19
Houston, TX

Audition Camp #3  The Cadets Cadets2 All Sections

November 25-26
Delran High School
 High School Students Only

Audition Camp #4  The Cadets Brass Only 

December 2-3
Houston, TX

The Cadets Winter Camp  The Cadets Brass & Percussion 

December 8-10
Hopewell Valley High School, NJ
 Vocalist Audition Camp

Cadets2 Winter Camp  Cadets2 Brass & Percussion 

December 15-17
Conestoga Valley High School, PA

Video Auditions

You should try to come to camp. It's the best way for us to get 
to know you and for you to get the experience. If you can't make it,
this is for you! First, register here. Then select 'Video Audition' on the next page.



YEA! Account

For questions about your account, contact or call 484-387-1155.